Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Thoughts From a Coffee shop

Here I am sitting in this --freezing cold-- Starbuck, enjoying the remainders of one shaken iced green tea (wishing it was something warmer!), and I'm wondering two things,

what sorts of thing would you like to see on this blog?

would you be interested in more personal or design pictures?

The ball is in your court now, what are your preferences?

Also, (as I slowly freeze to the sound of Ella Fitzgerald) I'm knitting this adorable baby dress in anticipation of my still-cooking niece; the lace part is finished and I hope to be weaving in the ends sometime tonight (a great quick knit!). The pattern is pretty easy peasy so far and I'm enjoying the fact that there are no double pointed needles involved,
circulars are so much better for on-the-go knitting!
I'm especially fond of the yoke patterns, another nice feature for this one.

Aside from my frigid fingers and toes, I'm really enjoying spending this lovely morning in a coffee shop, lots of people watching opportunities, as well as being privy to all sorts of conversations (nobody pays attention to the studying/knitting student in the corner).
I've already made up fascinating stories about my fellow coffee shop customers (one could be a Viet Vet and another looks like a murder mystery writer--you can just tell).

Are you a people watcher?

1 comment:

sarah beth said...

I would love to see more pictures Elena! And yes, I am a people watcher! God has made so many fascinating people!


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