Monday, 27 June 2011

Happy Summer Giveaway!

Well, summer is here all bright eyed and bushy tailed!
We've been at the pool, in the sprinkler, and trying new ways to cool off
(let me know if you try it--we're big fans here!)
Hence, the slight lapse in blogging time, we've been a bit busy around here!
More on that later...

Also, I've added a few new items to the Etsy shop, please have a look around and let me know what you think and what you would like to see more of in the future!
I'm also interested to know what you all think of the newest addition to the summer line, it's a bit different but I've been wanting to expand my creative horizons. ; )

Now for that giveaway. *grin*
I'm very excited to announce

the very first giveaway for Lemons and Blueberries!

Thanks to Sarah from forgiven. love much,
I've been inspired to give away
two skeins of vintage Italian Mohair.
These treasures were found at a recent estate sale and are entirely clean and unused;
I tried to find more information on them but couldn't! If you happen to know the dates or more info, please share--I'm always interested in the story behind what I find.
For those of you new to mohair, it's a wonderful world. : )
Just by following a simple pattern you can make things like
this Cat Cay Cowl, something out of this look book, or these fun Sabrina Mits.

So here's how it'll go down:
From July 1st to July 2nd
the giveaway will be open until midnight, July 2nd.
1. Follow my blog (if you don't already) and
leave one comment below and include,

2. The nutshell story of how you met one of your
kindred spirits/dear friends,

3. and your email address (I'll get the winner's
physical address after the announcement).

Here's a few important p.s.'
*I'll be shipping no later than July 8th
**I will be covering international shipping, so those in Kenya, Kazakhstan, and Cadiz, feel free to join too!
***It's very important that you provide your email, that way I know how to get your physical address!

I'll be announcing the winner on July 3rd, so stay tuned. :)
Let me know if you have any questions.

That's all!


sarah beth said...

I love any giveaway with the words "vintage" and "italian" :) Hmmmm lets see…I would say my dearest and favorite friends are children :) They warm my heart and humble me constantly. I would love to have a very close friend but I have yet to find one…maybe someday.

Eyebright said...

I now follow your blog, and I met one of my close friends because we wanted to get into doing 4-H with goats, and they were already doing it. That's how we first got introduced!

Jacqueline said...

Hello, Elena,
I love seeing young ladies who are following the Lord! I also have been to your blog before :)I just 'liked' you on Facebook, also. One of my best kindred soul-mates is a friend from many years ago when we home-school co-oped together. Our kids still are friends! God is so good!
My email is

Ashley Nicole said...

Hi Elena! I now follow your lovely blog. :) I met my kindred spirit friend at a conference {I seem to meet most of my friends this way}. We "knew" each other before we met from our blogs/websites. But once we met in person we became really good friends - even though we live states away.

bramblewoodfashion {at}

Anonymous said...

Greetings! What a charming blog :-) I am now a follower.
I met my best friend and "kindred spirit" in her mother's kitchen. Our moms were friends and we met when they would visit- but we didn't really get to be friends ourselves until five or so years later :-) Now she lives in Montana, and I live in Vermont, but we are closer than sisters! Thank God for dear souls, eh?
Oh, by the way, since this friend of mine is a NUT for anything Italian, if I win this yarn, I was thinking I'd probably make something for her.....

Andrea said...

Hello, I met one of my dearest friends when I was 20 months old. Our grandmothers were neighbors. We were instant playmates. We did everything together all through our growing up years. More than 51 years later we are still friends.

Rachelkeeth said...

I just saw that I posted my comment on the wrong blog post, sorry! I am already following your blog.

I guess three of my "dearest" friends I have actually never met. I "met" them on a forum, Homeschool Alumni, and now we talk almost everyday sometimes even for hours at a time.

My email is thank you so much for the giveaway! Miss you!


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