Monday, 4 April 2011

Hello, Union Jack

Interested in British flags? Check out this British item in the etsy shop :)

Check out the {Dubai Covers} page above!
It has all of the details for purchasing and ordering
the nursing covers we made for our trip!

Today we girls bittersweetly dropped my Dad off at the airport
for his two-week business trip to the UK (yes, he's off again!).
It was bitter because we know that two weeks is a long time, and it was sweet
because of the fun things he might be able to see on the weekends,
the souvenirs he might bring back, and when he comes back to the States
we'll meet in Austin for my Grandmother's birthday party.
As I'm looking at the schedule for the next few weeks, I know that the
time will pass very quickly (though not quickly enough for some of my family!).
Unfortunately he won't be in the London area this time, so he won't be able to
attend church at the Metropolitan Tabernacle but this gives him an
opportunity to visit some churches in the northern part of England.
It's also exciting because that part of the country is so chock full of things to do
and history to relive; just about every town has a wall to walk around, an old
church to visit, and a tower to climb. Like in the U.S., you can do just
about anything for a few £'s. There will be plenty to do for him on the weekends!
If you should have the inclination, Dr. Peter Masters has most of his
it's a great companion for the evenings!

So, in the meantime, I'll be working on a video project for this blog and will
be posting the details-hopefully-later this week!

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