Friday, 29 April 2011

Mi Familia

Here are a few snapshots of our time at my Grandmother's.
Sophia (above) is my sister's oldest daughter and at eight years old is
very responsible and funny; I think it has something to do with her new glasses
(which are the same as her mum's)
but she's always been very funny, in a goofy kind of way. :)
Dominic (Dom) is coming into his own sweet, quirky personality
(sometimes he talks out of the corner of his mouth);
it's hard to believe that he'll be two in May but there it is!
There is so much I could share with you about her but for now
you should know that she's four, prone to tears, and very goofy.
I think braiding her hair has a calming effect,
and she does not care for pancakes (very odd, I know).
That's my fabulous Mom and gorgeous "seester" Nicole.
And there's is a close-up of Dom's eyes,
they're blue and very captivating.

So, there you have a quick peek at our time at my Grandmother's!
The afternoon these pictures were taken was so picturesque and wonderful.
Most everyone went outside after dinner and flew a kite (very Mary Poppinsish),
then we finished the evening with some dishes of ice cream.
Very nice. :)

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Klarke said...

This is beautiful Elena! It looks like you guys were having a great time :)


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