Wednesday, 27 April 2011

{Hello Again}

Well, I'm back! It was a much needed break to focus on
other things. : ) Like letter writing! That's right,
I still enjoy the lost art.
I'm excited to be working on this blog again and there are
lots of post ideas swimming around in my head!
My family and I headed up to the Texas Hill Country
for my Grandmother's birthday celebration and
some excellent family time. Mica was able to make very good
use of her new camera (more on that here);
I'll be showing some great pictures of my
nieces and nephew in future posts.
I finished my very first baby sweater!
Again, baby things are so confidence boosting and I
can't wait to show you the finished product
(hopefully on a real baby!).
There is a story that goes with it but more on that later too.
As always, food. : )
This is a new chicken soup recipe that I. just. love.
The Thai curry spice is key and it's a great
variation on the soup. A bit warm for these toasty,
windy days but it's still a great comfort food!

What have you been up to lately?
Have any of you been apart/started a book club?
I'd love to start one this summer and I'd be very
happy to know what little things you've enjoyed!

I'll bet you're wondering about those
well, you can stop wondering and click
on the button at the top of the page
Just had to add that one. : )


Hannah Mendenhall said...

Breaks are so refreshing! I should take one...from a lot of things : )

I admire your desire to still write letters. I am horrible with returning emails let alone letters!

Although I don't eat meat, that soup looks delicious : )

Welcome back!

Elena said...

Thank you, Hannah!
Yes, breaks are wonderful, even from non-stressful things like blogging. :)

Cait Kady said...

Curry in soups is so delicious! I'm making butternut soup tonight, and adding a dash. Glad to see you back :)


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