Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Seven hours, knitting with friends, and some joint pain oils later...

It is finished!
Now Dad's head will no longer be a wee bit chilly (and just in time for this weekend); naturally, if I were living up north I would have done this much sooner in time for the snow!
I must say that this pattern nearly took me to tears. I've never (no really, never) been bored by a knitting pattern but this one really tried me. But just when I thought I would die knitting three and purling two, it was time to decrease! And that is my favorite part of this hat. I would definately suggest this one if you have a free weekend or just want something simple to occupy you during the week. Plus you could do all sorts of fun stripes and patterns!


Ashlee said...

Anthony just looked over my shoulder, and now wants me to make him one. However, it looks a bit daunting. How long have you been knitting?

Elena said...

For four years but I've only recently been knitting circular items in the six or nine months. This was a very simple pattern; I'd love to bring it Sunday if you like!

Anonymous said...

That is just lovely!! I'm so proud of you... seeing how long you've been knitting in circles makes me think that I should give it a try!
Love the blue stripe on gray!


Ashlee said...

I would love to see the pattern of this beautiful craft. Though decreases, increases, and the like are still a bit foreign, I can still dream for the future.

in company with sparkles said...

It turned out beautifully Elena! It must be a pleasure for your dad to be warmed by it, and to know you made it =) I've done a lot of knitting experiments but haven't knitted anything in a couple years. I'm too enamored with felt!...maybe it will be refreshed soon though.



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