Monday, 1 February 2010

Great New Knitting Blog!

A dear friend, who also knits extremely well, has introduced me to my new favorite knitting blog called, Soule Mama. I would definitely encourage you to go have a quick look at what this stay-at-home mama of four creates with her needles. She is also a wonderful photographer and takes beautiful pictures of her recent creations as well has her surroundings.
This is also a great resource not only for the Knitter but also for the crafty person; Amanda does lots of other things around her house and gives fun tips and ideas.

Picture Credit~I loved this chair and thought that it would be a great one to cozy up in and knit!

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Margarita Marques said...

Hi Elena, I showed the 'soule mama' blog to grandma and she loved it. I wish she was a little more saavy on the computer but she refuses. Anyway, I love the fabric pattern and color of that chair, let's plan on purchasing some fabric for your little chair. Love,


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