Saturday, 6 February 2010

"The Dad Hat"

::Right, so I have this habit of forgetting past projects. I admit.
This is not the first manly thing I've ever knitted but it is in fact the third.
I know what you're thinking, "Elena, you got paid for those projects! Don't you remember something that you were paid for?"
You would think that I would remember the past two manly projects but...well...
I didn't. So sorry!::
Here is a picture of the Boyfriend Hat that I got from Ravelry.
(another great knit and crochet site!)
I confess, I've never knitted anyting manly.
::Ahem, please read red print above::
My fancy has always leaned towards the cute and pretty patterns.
But today is a new day and my Dad's head is a wee bit chilly,
thus "the Dad Hat" is in the knitting process.
And since I live here in Houston,
I think I had better get a move on before our mid to low sixties weather leaves!

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