Friday, 7 September 2012

hello september// grateful

Isn't it grand to be getting into the Fall months? As a knitter and cold weather lover, this is my favorite time my year (if only it would get chilly enough to break out the cardigans and cowls!!).
You already know this, but my wedding planning schedule has filled nicely! This month marks the beginning of my wedding related activities and travels, and I am so excited about what they all will bring. I'm so grateful to be looking at a month filled with wedding details, good conversations that go late into the night, boating in the sound, swimming and walks on the beach, waking to the sound of the water, breathing in the salty air---okay, I'll stop with the ocean themed sentence now, but you get the idea. :)

What does September bring for you?

As I think through August and all that has happened since last months post, I'm so grateful for

..... sweet times of fellowship
..... the unknowns and questions in life that keep me on my knees in prayer
..... sisters, who are also my very best friends
..... horseback riding! It has officially been added to my list of relaxing things to do (along with vacuuming,                rearranging furniture, putting fresh sheets on a bed, and going for long walks, just saying)
..... gaining a new friend
..... sweet friends who get engaged and ask me to help with their weddings
..... my girlfriend, who is almost like a sister, and the friendship we share
..... tall friend who lovingly places me into her heart and pocket, taking me to visit exciting, new places
..... new babies
..... wise counsel from dear friends who are practically family
..... the Neal's (totally miss them!)

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Christina Hastings said...

Aww, what sweet blessings! Have fun with all of the wedding planning! I'm so happy for Maria and Emily!

I'm grateful for my mom and dad who both have birthdays this month!


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