Tuesday, 4 September 2012

life// update and weddings

Aren't weddings beautiful? I just love every aspect about them, at least the aspects I've experienced so far!
As I've mentioned before, there are a few weddings I'm working on this Fall, allow me to use them as the reason for my blogging absence. Truly, they and just life in general has kept me quite busy lately.
In just a few short weeks, I'll be flying off to a beautiful home, right on the Bogue Sound for the wedding of my very much in love friends, Bruce and Maria. There are so many things I'm looking forward to, not the least of which waking up to the sound of the water every morning (I'm smiling and relaxed just thinking about it!). BUT before I go, there are the delightful details that need to be decided for the October wedding my dear friends (who are also very much in love), Nathan and Emily. Their wedding is a little more than a week after I get back from North Carolina, then there's a November wedding but that's not for a while yet. ; ) Funny enough, I love life being full like this and am very blessed.
Just today I realized (with the help of a friend) that I'm a project driven person, go figure! Things like time management come very easily when I have a timeline/deadline; plans suddenly become organized and lists practically make themselves! Not to say that I shouldn't work on managing my time when I don't have a deadline, rather that it was enlightening for me to recognize this trait. I really do work well when under a time pressure! Any tips from my fellow Project Driven readers? I'd love to know your thoughts. : )

So, I know what you're wondering, just where did I get that quietly beautiful photo of a newly married couple? It's from this Kenny & Ervina// Vintage Backyard Wedding, photographed by the talented Tori Watson! Because of my high interest in weddings and planning them, I've made a habit of looking through different wedding photographers blogs and the weddings they photograph, pinterest is handy too. It's a great way for me to see a wide variety of weddings (everything from high and classy to diy vintage!) and gather ideas, all without leaving my cozy nook at home! Needless to say, I've seen quite a lot of weddings, but have only come across a few that capture my personal taste when it comes to my own someday, Lord willing wedding. {Now} I feel a need to interject here that I honestly don't have anything set in stone for my future, someday wedding; there really are no definite plans in place or things I *have* to have. However, I still have a personal taste when it comes to being wed. : ) This wedding is one of those that I really love. For so many different reasons, I can just see myself and Mr. Someday, Lord willing doing; the vintage and handmade touches as well as the light, clean feel, all the while staying personal and cheerful. I could go on but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy.

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