Monday, 10 September 2012

happy monday// country thoughts

This past month I've had the delightful, wonderful privilege of spending time with friends in the country.
Country as in: wide spaces, uninterrupted skyline, yummy food cooked on an open flame, cows and longhorns, shooting at tree stumps, "sunburns" that turn into tans, and horseback riding. 
(did I mention I totally love this aspect? Well, it's a true story.)
I have so appreciated it all and have carefully tucked the memories away, 
thinking about them as I'm navigating the crazy traffic. :) 
So, when I came across this pin on pinterest, I thought it timely to post and share with you.
For those of us who live in suburbia, with our close quarters and domesticated animals, we can easily forget about the beauty of nature untouched, sans sidewalks and paved trails. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the hustle, bustle of people and making my way around a crowded place (this takes skills, acquired by time and experience), I also love the break that a long day in the country brings. In my experience, it has truly been a reminder of the natural beauty in God's creation, very inspiring.
So, should you ever get a chance to spend the day in pastures and work boots, take it; 
you probably will not regret it. :)

In other news, I've just come across this song recently and find it quite nice. Besides have an awesome title, it has an easy and relaxed sound, perfect for the daily background.


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Christina Hastings said...

Yes, that pin is very true!


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