Saturday, 4 August 2012

hello august// grateful

Well, I wouldn't have thought I would say this but summer has really flown by quickly! As many of you know, the summer heat isn't really my favorite (I'd wear this all of the time if I could : ), however, this summer has proved to be very full of blessings, most recently our dear friends have come back from Dubai for a visit and we have so enjoyed their stay here.
As my youngest sister is sixteen, we miss having little ones to chase around, read books aloud to, and watch them do funny things. We are now getting our fill, let me tell you! I love going places with the kids and reading books to them, trips to the swimming pool have also been frequent, and there is no end to the songs we sing and games being played. Our home is very sweet with Little People in it. :)

In light of all of these blessings, I thought is timely to list the things I'm so grateful for...

...small and great evidences of God's faithfulness in the "everyday" life
...His mercies which are new every morning
...happily engaged friends (!!!)
...said happily engaged friends who have allowed me to be a part of their weddings this Fall
...tall glasses of home brewed kombucha (infused with berries, lemons, and ginger, thanks very much!)
...encouraging conversations with my best friends (sentimental warning: my sisters!)
...deep red gladiolas that brighten the living room
...quoting hilarious lines from hilarious movies (which really are better when you quote them)
...good conversations that go late into the night
...gun ranges
...newly found kindred spirits
...God's grace :)

What are YOU grateful for?

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Lauren Ashley said...

I would wear that too, if it was cold enough here. :) Texas heat isn't fun.


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