Tuesday, 31 July 2012

random tuesday facts

So, I've been officially inspired by the ever-creative Promise Tangeman to share with you 
a bit about myself, random style. Prepare to be amazed!

//After battling one too many bouts of childhood asthma, my parents took me out of the quaint halls of first grade and homeschooled my three sisters and I (yes, we're all very well socially-adapted).

//I've gone on a three-month smoothie diet and never got tired of it.

//My sisters are my best friends.

//When we were little and still shared a room, my sister and I would empty our closets and turn them into "apartments", visit each other, and talk about "our children"; her name was Carys and my name was Jenny.

//I'm a glass half full, people loving person.

//My knees creak ALL of the time (never able to sneak up the stairs).

//I love learning about other cultures, languages, and accents; it is a habit of mine to randomly speak with a foreign/domestic accent.

//When I was but a wee lass, I wanted to be an actress on the stage, and when I see any production on the stage or a good film I go back to my times on the stage (three showings of Beauty and the Beast and one Adventures in Odyssey ) and can still smell the musty scent of the curtains.

//Love foreign films (Life is Beautiful is a personal favorite), subtitles don't bother me; as a wee lass, my favorite movies were Pocohantus and Beauty and the Beast.

//I love wedding planning.

//I love people watching.

//Currently, I'm really liking folks/artsy music, like this.

Now it's time for YOU to share your random facts, and let me know you did, I'd love to read them!

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