Monday, 30 July 2012

academy 31

{meet the ladies}
"Service enhanced by training. Knowledge tempered by humility. Strength refined by grace." 

Attention high school age girls! There's an excellent opportunity for you to expand and broaden your practical skills and knowledge approaching!
Academy 31 is a two week girls camp dedicated to teaching high school age girls practical and useful skills as well as encouraging them in the Christian Walk. For those who are looking for inspiration or simply need more education in the practical skills of life, this camp is tailored for you.

Participants will learn more about a wide variety of topics including baking, calligraphy, business, emergency auto care (fabulous to know!), personal safety, photography, cake decorating, fire arm safety, and much more. These Girls have thought of just about every important topic for we girls to learn.

Read here for all of the important details, and be sure you visit the Academy 31 site for more information!

All photos were used by gracious permission from the kind Ladies at Academy 31

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