Saturday, 11 June 2011

Pins and Pavlova's

{A wee bit of my home}

Recently I've come across the famed Pinterest--been there yet?
Well, I did for "a few minutes" and was very much entertained by all that people "pin"!
The wedding and DIY sections were wonderfully inspiring (especially this ruffled t-shirt idea).
Though I'm not sure about getting my own pin board for fear of being sucked into the never ending flow of pictures, I am putting it as an "idea resource" for future reference.

In other news, I'll be baking some more pavlova today for the tireless staff at the Fifth Ward Pregnancy Help Center. Around two to three times a year, my Mom will teach a 3 week birthing class to the clients who have chosen to keep their babies, and though it's really my Mom who has all of the information, our entire family goes and works behind the scenes work while she is teaching; my Dad prays before and after and my sisters and I prepare the "goodie bags" and snacks for the nutrition part of the class. I really enjoy the opportunity of talking with the different clients who come in and talk about their lives. Each class is different and it's always interesting to see who is more open and what sorts of stories they have to tell.
It's quite an experience to set across from these girls who have such a different life, come from broken families, and in most cases, are completely blind to the state of their souls; and especially here I am reminded that God's grace and mercy shines brightest, in the darkest places His love pours forth and people are changed. For most of them, seeing a family function together is a new thing and as God works all things together for a purpose, I am confident that He will bring His will to fruition in their lives.

Do you volunteer your time/resources?


sarah beth said...

Oh, I wish I volunteered Elena! Unfortunately our family has only one vehicle and most of the time my dad has to take it to work an hour away. The times that we have the car are so random that it would be difficult to commit to something. I would love to volunteer at CPC or Habitat for Humanity.

Hickory Haven Housekeeper said...

Hi there!
I've been trying to find the time to locate the local abortion clinic so that I can get a group down there praying and protesting. Mr. Hernandez does it in Raleigh, so I figure we should get it going here. I'd love to give some time to the CPC as well. Its so hard though with my grandmother and my Herbal course and company in and out I find myself VERY busy. Miss you dear friend :)


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