Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My Favorite Kind of Days: Rain

Yes, I am a sucker for dark, cold rainy days.
Perhaps it's because we've had a bit of a drought this summer or the fact that I
don't live in Seattle (the Seattle natives that I've met are adamant that I would
get sick of the rain); at any rate, I love a good soaking rain that lasts from the
wee hours of the morning to just after dinner. It's very conducive to snuggling
on the sofa, curling up in the covers, and taking a nap.

Today has in store some errand running, violin playing, studying (naturally),
and hopefully some knitting. Buying yarn for my summer sweater is a part of the
errands I need to run and I'm happy to say that I've decided on a color.

I picked up a book from the library (just for fun) called Accents; such a great
resource for learning just about any sort of accent from Highland Scotch to Bombay
India, Mr. Blumenfeld gives a detailed explanation for every sort of accent.
Imitating accents has long been a pet hobby of mine so it's pretty fun to read a
formal study of them.
Beware, I may be sporting a Zulu or Australian accent the next time you see me!

Also, I'm studying lots of books/videos on makeup for film-
-such a lot of fun things you can do!

Any interesting books you're reading?
Today is the perfect day for curling up with a good one!


Anna said...

It has hardly rained for months here. I would love to have a rainy day!

Hannah Mendenhall said...

Overcast, rainy days, I like to call "cozy days". There are way too many cozy days where I live :/

I like what you've done with your blog. Very refreshing!

Anonymous said...

We had a rainy day today as well! Had a nap and am reading "Know Why You Believe" by Paul E. Little... Good so far! Enjoy your rain!


Caitlin said...

Rainy days are some of the best. As a native child of the rainy NW, there are times when you do grow sick of gray skies. But the constant drizzle fires imaginations and causes you to appreciate the sunshine so much more!


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