Monday, 20 June 2011

Bits of My Home and "Hello Summer"

{Irises gracing the dining room table}

Ah, summer, the time for pool parties to get in the sun and games of scrabble
and cards to get out of the sun; this year I'd love to have a few movie night
with friends, start a bookclub, and try out this Basil Lime Soda recipe
--anyone want to join me?
Though we don't really have a beach here in Houston I'm looking forward to
getting into the water this summer and have lots of sun time with my nieces
and nephew, because it's just so much fun to go to the pool with stickies.
What are your favorite summer pastimes?

So, the shop has been refreshed and replenished with new items, just in time!
Today's new listings are just a start so be looking for new ones in the weeks to come.
Here are a few peaks at what's in the Etsy shop, enjoy.

Have you been by Spancy's Closet yet?
Check out Sarah's project on Goodsie and it's kind of a test to see how things sell;
I'm looking forward to hearing her results and opinion!
I've already bought something and am please with the process, very similar to
buying something on etsy
(I especially love how the shipping cost is worked into the price.)
{I just love the half off section in the floral department}

This week will be moving on in my studies with educational psychology and reading
more about the effects of caffine and sugar (gasp!), as well as buying yarn for my sweater
(which will be unveiled to all of you in September!).
KAL's are so fun. :)

What plans do you have for the week?


Kyleigh said...

What books or articles are you reading about caffeine and sugar? I've read a lot about both but want to read more about food and health in general.

My week is mostly finishing up projects before Nate and I leave for the states in 11 days! :)

Elena said...

Hi Kyleigh! Well, right now my book list consists of

~Beating the Sugar Blues by Thomas A. Lincoln
~Caffine Blues by Stephen Cherniske

It's pretty interesting reading so far!

You and Nate must be so excited! What are your plans while your Stateside?


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