Tuesday, 3 August 2010

There Once Was A Chair...

...quite a plain chair.
This piece has been in my room for a few years and recently (like, two months ago recently), I bought some fabric that better suited my fancy, and took off the original fabric.
For some reason that I can't remember, I waited a while before putting the new fabric on, and I realized that this new project went a wee bit over my head (read: I was very nervous).
Thankfully, I now have a sweet, friend helping, who is a much more accomplished seamstress than I. After just one afternoon, we've made some wonderful headway and are half finished with this chair! I'll post more when I've finished :)


{side note}
This post from Oh, Hello Friend (you are loved) reminded me of how fun it would be to learn about printing on a letterpress.

1 comment:

carlotta said...

I looove the shape of that chair! can't wait to see the finished product :)


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