Monday, 23 August 2010

New Beginnings

Well, it's here, the moment you and I have been waiting for!
My brand new etsy shop is now online and open for business.
{Please note the new shop link on the sidebar!}
I've added a few things already and have plans to upload more items as time goes by.
To be quite honest, I'm a wee bit nervous about selling online but I'm planning on taking everything in stride and being willing to correct my mistakes!
I'd like to note a few people who have encouraged and greatly helped me in this venture.
This is by no means a complete list, but I would like to take this time
to thank some particular people:
1. My parents, for encouraging me to have a plan and vision for this cottage industry, and to take the time to make it happen.
2. Kelly and Andrea, for providing invaluable knowledge and insight in entrepreneuralism.
A very heartfelt "thank you" is in order for the sweet encouragment and example you have been, whether you know it or not. I have been so blessed by your influence and wise words.
3. Mrs. Emily Frye, for being an encouragment in all things crafty and "knitty"; by your words and deeds I have learned many things not only about crafts but also about life. You are a true example of a Titus 2 woman.
4. My wonderful sisters, thank you for the all of the times you encouraged me, tried on my creations, gave me your honest opinions, modeled for photographs, and shared late night conversations. I love and treasure you.
5. The Wonderful Hood Family, your words of wisdom are truly priceless!
Thank you for donating your children to model my items and giving me much insight. I have really come to love and treasure your family, and am very grateful for you.
6. Emily Rose, you are such a sweet sister and a great inspiration to me.
I learn so much from your gentle spirit and willingness to work with your hands
and find your joy and delight in the Lord. You also take beautiful photographs!
7. Jasmine, your input, interest, and encouragement is so very important to me.
I love you dearly and am grateful for you.
Let me say again how grateful I am for each person above and the ones I have not named.
It truly is a blessing, may God be praised!


Carolina said...

oh! How sweet! Your welcome. :)

Ashlee said...

Congratulations, my friend! What a blessing for your beloved project to finally meet its' publication. And, now, let the adventure of "selling online" begin...


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