Thursday, 26 August 2010

Busy Bee

Well, a part of me thought that I might possibly be less busy after I set up my shop,
ha, quite the contrary!
My mind (and craft tray) are budding with new project and project ideas!
The biggest one is a "Baby Bum" diaper cover project.
Both my Aunt and sister use cloth diapers for their stickies~very cool! Wool is a wonderful cover for these because they practically clean themselves! In addition to knitting your own, there are several ways to recycle wool sweaters and make them into covers.
I have been all week researching how to do this and yesterday was able to trace out a small cover for a pattern. I will be felting this cover but am still undecided as to the detailed shape. Thankfully, I have some time before the cover will be needed, so in the mean time I am enjoying the mental challenge!
Hopefully, there will be a tutorial and pictures to follow the completion of this project!

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