Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Coming Along

This month finds my mind and knitting bag pretty full.
There are so many projects I'd like to start (and finish) as well as lots of things to fit into our schedule; it's funny how quickly time flies by. It seems like I'm always working to make the most of my time. I've come to the conclusion that few people are truly busy each moment of the day/week. Quite the contrary, the majority of people really have lots of spare time; it's really a matter of redeeming it. So, I ought to be grateful for the schedule I have a make the most of it.
For me, getting up earlier (accompanied with going to bed earlier) and scheduling my month has helped--novel idea, I know, but it's the simple things in life :)
And now, a few pictures from my knitting bag...
Here is the workings of my first lace cardigan, and despite the fact that it has been frogged a few times, I understand the lace pattern! It's pretty exciting since it opens a whole new world of lace patterns and it will (hopefully) make this cardi go a bit faster so I can wear it!
This is one project that I need to make time for,
as I really can't visit with people and knit at the same time for this one.
Here are some sweet mary jane booties (aren't they cute!) that I made via Ravelry;
I learned some new things on this one and now I can whip out a pair in a day or so--easy peasy! This would be a great, quick gift to make for a special, wee someone; I plan on making a few pairs this week.

And finally, the beginnings of a chemo hat that I am planning on donating.
Right now it is sitting in a corner in my knitting bag because of a slight confusion in the pattern but I know that a quick visit with Mrs. Frye and/or youtube will provide the remedy.

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