Thursday, 11 March 2010

Merci Mrs. Emily Frye

The above yarn, needles, and a great pattern for a lacy sweater was a special, loving gift from my dear friend,
Mrs. Emily Frye.
The Fryes have been sweet friends to our family, and I've really enjoyed talking with Mrs. Frye about a plethora of things.
She has been an example to me of a Titus 2 woman, who is working to always redeem her time!
So, the day after I came home from the hospital, Mrs. Frye came over and well-supplied me with all the neccesary items for keeping my hands busy in the coming days.
I was so happy and blessed to know that she had taken the time and resources to bring me a delightful bag of knitting! And I'm happy to say that I've started on it and am encouraged by the eight inches of stockinette st. that the pattern calls for. So, I have a bit before starting on the lace part but I'm really looking forward to it!
How does this affect the Shalom cardigan you ask? Well, I figured if Amanda Soule can be working on so many sweaters at one time, then my two projects cannot be amiss :)


Emily said...

My dear!! I had no idea you had planned the Shalom first, if I had, I would have gotten you something else to fill your time. Please forgive me.

Elena said...

Please don't think anything of it!
I love this pattern and I love that you got it for me. Honestly, I hadn't gotten yarn for the other sweater yet (The day I went they were closed)!

Anonymous said...

Dear Elena,
I am so glad that you have knitting projects to fill your time as you recover... but I had no idea that you were ill. How can I pray for you?


Elena said...

Hello Arielle! You'll see in a bit that I sent you a novel email but I just wanted to say thank you so much for asking! I think right now, just praise that I am well on the mend and for continued, uncomplicated healing. And patience for my hungry tummy :)




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