Friday, 25 June 2010

A Foggy Day In London Town

Today this post finds me in the Texas hill country again, and yes, my Dad is in the UK (!!).
It is July (can you believe it!) and this month is full of knitting. Lots of knitting.

A sweet friend will be participating in a craft fair this Fall, and this is no ordinary booth.
Her husband recently recovered from a very severe cancer and, by God's grace, is healing and they have been blessed in so many ways by the experience.
Their story and the blessings they received are what they want to share and bless others with, so they are accepting donated hats, scarves, and blankets for the oncology center they went to when he was receiving treatments.
Her hope is that people will not only buy the items but also give them to a cancer patient they know, or the center itself!
I was so excited when I heard about all the delightful things she was doing and wanted to be help in some way. The past few months I had been looking at different organizations to donate to, but I hadn't found one that I felt personally connected with.
So, for a few different reason, I really wanted to help with this one.
So, I am busy knitting a few projects for this one
--I hope to have quite a few contributions come October!
Another great thing, is that I will be able to include an encouraging note for the patient, as will the person buying the item!

In addition, a sweet friend is expecting her first baby and I am so happy to be knitting wee baby things, in addition to chemo hats :)
This is such a sweet and special season.


You can visit here to read the online journal we are keeping for our Dad while he is away--
just so he won't miss anything.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Dear! You are such an inspiration with your knitting! I really will have to get on with the socks I am continually putting learning how to knit... I will have lots of plane time over the next few months traveling- thanks for letting me catch your knitting bug! :)



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