Friday, 4 June 2010

These Days...

...have been full.
Not quite busy, just full. A bit of a step forward from our quiet, country time with my Grandparents you might say : )

Days full of...

{Reading} Lots of books on U.S. History,
different American authors and their lives,

{Memorizing} our country's presidents names, how long they were in office,
and who their vice presidents were.

{Studying} all of the above and beginning to study for another exam.
Yes, time is precious and not a thing to be squandered.

{Cleaning} Spring cleaning to be exact. We shampooed the upstairs carpet and re-arranged our bedroom furniture for the first time in four years--
that's right, we've re-arranged our living room 500 times since we moved in
(including the piano)...not sure why we left the bedrooms out of the fun.

{Organizing} closets. Mine has been lacking since I turned half of it into my creative centre. Now I can safely walk to that side of the closet
and think of all the wonderful things, waiting to be made.

{Planning} Meticulously planning my time. Between studying, living, and a new venture.
Oh, yes, exciting news is just around the corner and I can't wait to share it with you!
Stay tuned!

{More Studying} Two big exams, only a few weeks apart--need I say more?


Also, I'd like to introduce another lovely space on this blog
(Right below "The Daily Inspiration").

The Daily Lit is a recent, fun find that brings wonderful novels right to your inbox.
It's very free and will send you scheduled installments of books on your list by email.
I got my first installment of Eight Classic Short Stories, especially for the summer time.
Hope this is something you can add to your morning coffee!

1 comment:

Nicole said... likey the Daily Lit! I will now broaden my horizons beyond my boring fiction books.;) You are so sweet. I can't wait to hear your news. Love you! <3


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