Tuesday, 22 June 2010

My Darling Clementine

This photo represents well my past few weeks:
bright. cheery. busy.
Bright because of the general summer feeling (and humid, did I mention humid?).
These next few months are budding with the possibilities of summer. I'd love to host a few flavored, ice tea party this season. Tomorrow we have blueberry picking in store, along with the arrival of our sweet friends from Austin. With the former, we plan on freezing and possibly making into a yummy blueberry tart. Then with the latter, we plan on feeding them lots of delish enchiladas and enjoying their sweet company.
Cheery, as in the cheery atmosphere that comes when you have wonderful fellowship with dear friends. We've been able to have quite a few sweet evenings; from people traveling from other states to a sweet family in town. Letters and great conversations have also added to the encouragment. I'm so grateful for the sweet fellowship that we've had!
I've also made time to play my cello and piano (not at once) in the evenings--a great use of time!
It's so relaxing and I love being able to brush up in the music department; Mica and I have been wanting to play a certain Mozart piece together, and now that she has the music I'm hoping we can begin practicing together!
Busy on account of studying for exams, living life, and preparing for a -hopefully- busy July (continue to stay tuned!). Also, we've added some wonderful curry, lavender, lemongrass, and two types of geranium to our herb garden! We're working to help them survive the summer heat and sun so we can enjoy them for future meals!
With all of this, the creative juices seem to be slow in coming; like Ruby from cakies, I've been a bit "dried up". Not to worry though, my case is nothing that a little rest and inspiration can't help. I'll get back to the creative project posts soon.
And if you have a minute, check out my sister's great Buttermilk Pancakes recipe---they are so yummy, light, and fluffy.

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Micaela said...

Elena, I just love your witty personality, not to mention the expressions on your face that I wish all could see, like when you were having blood drawn :) I love you,


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