Monday, 31 May 2010

Here Comes the Sun

It's the end of May and it already feels like summer here in Houston!
As much as I love the chilly months, it must be said that each new season brings something enjoyable--and I think the same can be said about the seasons in our lives.
Right now I am so content in my stage of life.
I love living at home and being able to spend my time with my family,
being able to learn about so many different things, have the abilities to go certain places and do things that I may not be able to do later and that I certainly was not able to do five years ago.
I love the pace of life that we have in my family and how busy I am
(although, at times it can be difficult to manage).
I think that may be one of the reasons that I like change:
because it bring so many new and different challenges and advantages.
Yes, there is adjusting and sometimes a bit of trial that takes place--
but in many ways it is a benefit and spurs on a growth and a patience
that really couldn't have taken place before.
Also, here are some neat ideas for your quiet summer moments--
I hope you'll have time to try some of these,
~ a great way to decorate anything from craft boxes to a collage frame, to a tin bucket!~
~a fun and easy way to brighten up an outdoor party.~
~this is a neat wedding gift or a housewarming/hostess gift!~
~this is one of my favorite art blogs!
A great place to look around for fun inspirations, DIY's, and even recipes!~

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in company with sparkles said...

I love the picture Elena, ranunculus are my favorite! So beautiful. Thanks for the fun project ideas :) (I wish we could enjoy some of them together!)


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