Monday, 24 May 2010

Spoons and Almonds

For the past few weeks we have been experimenting with my Grandma's new BlendTec--and we love it! There are so many fun possibilities that you can do! My favorites have been ice cream and making our own almond flour (our newest gluten-free staple).
Last week I made peanut butter ice cream (So yummy!), avacado, and mango ice cream.
We're pretty happy that our parents are back in the States now; although we won't see them until the end of the week (for sweet Dominic's birthday party!), it's nice to know we're all in the same time zone now!
Please check out Christa Taylor's blog, Empowered Traditionalist, if you haven't already. There are cute ideas, links, and great thoughts; it's always something interesting!
Recently, she's posted some neat fashion/creative blog links, enjoy!
And what's with the spoon picture you ask?
Well, I thought it would be a cute, rustic house-warming gift or a children's toy idea
--how cute are those little faces!

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Nicole said...

ooooo...I like the spoon idea!Cute!


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