Tuesday, 18 May 2010

{Happy Tuesday}

I really like colorful dishes and particularly the robin's egg blue in this one; it's one of my favorite colors! I can just imagine it in a kitchen with black, cream, and a buttery yellow.
The way these dishes are on display is so neat, and reminds me a bit of the French Country style (I'd love to have one of those industrial sink heads, they're so helpful!)

Grouping photos like this is something my Mom and I would love to do in the stairwell at our house. I usually see it with frames of the same color, but I kind of like the simple, thin frames idea too, we'll see :)

And this one? Well, I thought it was a really neat picture; it captures the tone of our stay with our Grandparents so far. Just very tranquil and sweet.
Also, here is a great book for anyone even thinking about selling their handmade goods!
A sweet friend told me about The Handmade Market Place a while ago, and I was so encouraged and full of ideas after I read it! Kari gives practical, encouraging advice on most everything regarding marketing and selling your goods. There are also some great resources and blog links that are helpful and informative.
I hope this is something you will add to your creative library!
{Picture Credit: I'm quite certain all of these came from Oh, Hello Friend}

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in company with sparkles said...

I'm a big fan of open shelving! These are so pretty. Pictures like this are so helpful and inspiring when thinking of kitchen colors for a registry too.
It's fun to love the same things!


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