Wednesday, 17 March 2010


It's in the air!
And well, so is the pollen. Thankfully, me and my saline nasal spray can do anything and go anywhere. I hope that wherever you are, you can enjoy a brisk walk with a bowl of sorbet; I've been eating much more sorbet since I've been on this liquid diet (This company has some of the most delectable flavors).
After my follow-up appointment I spotted my new project.
I was just walking out of the office when I saw a green sweater with some adorable buttons, lace, and cuffs of the sleeves. So, I went over and asked the important questions like, "Did you make it?". To which she answered with a slightest pride of acheivment in her voice,
"Yes I did."
Well, I was in a bit of a rush so I didn't ask very many more of the particulars but I walked away with enough information to transform one of my own cardigans to a super-cute, decorated one. Right now it's a plain white, knit cardi, with small cables in the front. I've nothing against blended pieces like that one but I'm wanting to turn it into something that I can throw over a short sleeve shirt and jeans.
So, today at Hobby Lobby (who is having a 50% off sale on ribbon by the way), I bought some cute ribbon, lace, and little decorative flowers to add to the prospective item.
I've never really done something like this before, so I'm very excited to get started.
So, stay tuned :)
Also, I would like to introduce the new gadget on my sidebar (right above the list of blogs I read). On here will be a fun link that I found and would like to share, but don't really have the time to blog about it. Watch for it to change because I am always coming across things that look fun and relatively simple to do!
Right now is a project similar to the sweater that I'm wanting to transform; it's a regular shirt made over into a cute ruffled blouse! All you would need is a
sewing machine,
two shirts of the same color
(or really a shirt and any fabric that you want the ruffle to be!)
and time!
I hope that you have the time to hop on over and check it out,
please let me know if you try it!!

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Tarissa said...

I like the new gadget you introduced - that was a pretty cute shirt that the link led to.. although, I don't think I'm talented enough to venture into making ruffles like that!

Anyways, I'm looking quite forward to see how your new sweater project will turn out.. I hope there will be pictures!! Sounds just lovely!

God Bless,
~ Tarissa


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