Thursday, 8 November 2012

my darling children

Hello there, may I introduce you to "my" new children? There are only four of them in this photo, the other three were home at the time, but never fear, they'll make their blogging presence in due course. I present to you (from left to right) Arden (5), Christiana (8), Shiloah (12), and Robert (2) or Michael Darling. Affectionately referred to as such because of the way Robert reminds me of the smallest Darling child in Peter Pan; he also speaks in a British accent from time to time.

One morning, on the way to Trader Joe's/HEB...

Michael Darling (Robert): "Miss Elena, can we drive your other car? I like it more better..."

Nanny (me): "Well, Robert, my Mom needed to drive the prius today so we switched cars, don't you like this one?"

Michael Darling: "No, I like the white car more better."

Nanny: "But Robert, this one has a sun roof!! Don't you think that makes this car way better?!"

Michael Darling: "I still like the other one"

One fine day before lunch...
 Nanny (me): said in a British accent "Oh, Robert Darling, you musn't have your cars on the table! We're eating lunch, sir, and it wouldn't do to have them there; you really must take them off!"

Michael Darling (Robert): also said in British accent "But I want the cars on the table!"

At last, I have someone who'll converse with me in foreign accents that we don't really have.

We all have quite a merry time together. Our weekly routine is simple but it works well for us; I arrive around nine in the morning, carry off a few Darlings with me to the grocery store for the weeks groceries, coming home for lunch, then I'll make dinner and put a few for naps. Trader Joe's is definitely my new hangout, it's really a marvelous place; lots of samples, interesting chocolate combinations (my current loves being the 70% chocolate with toffee, walnuts, and pecans or the 50% with salted almonds. I know, right?!) and friendly staff make for a very pleasant shopping stop! In my experience, one generally gains more samples, coupons, and friendly gestures when shopping with children; particularly children who speak with foreign accents. Ah, the stories one has to tell when caring for children!

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