Tuesday, 6 November 2012

changing seasons

At least, this week it is. This morning, as I was walking home from the voting booths (voted!), a delightful chill was being carried through the trees and propelled by the cars speeding past, so much so that I felt the need for a bit of lightweight wool around the neck. Sometimes it's the simple things, I tell you. Walking in the chilly air with a scarf, walking through the rain (pouring or misting) and being among the sand and sea are things that I consider to be on the "sweet and simple list". They just come naturally and often don't last terribly long, but they're a part of the things one remembers about a day or vacation.
Ah, to be back by the sea...

So, my fall swing of wedding planning has come to a close and I must confess to be a mixture of sadness that the planning/coordinating is over (for now) and contentedness that sweet friends are married; there is certainly a satisfaction of looking back at a job well done, reviewing what I learned and making notes of what to do next time. I've had many a person ask me what I'll be doing now that these weddings are over and quite honestly, I'm looking forward to getting back to "home life". Since September, I've had a few things on hold and how is the time to get back to them. As usual, I'll start with a teux deux list and will start working to knock it out! A major thing that's been lovingly placed on the back burner is my dear etsy shop, I don't even remember when I put it on vacation but it's time to break out the knitting needles and sewing things again. I'd love to focus on selling to brick-and-mortar shops around Houston, Austin, North Carolina, and New York (it certainly helps to have friends in different parts of the country!). Working with people is something that I really enjoy and is a factor that I have sorely missed by selling primarily on etsy, more on that thought later. :)
Also, now that I'm not quite so busy, I have more time to be nannying! In the past month or so, I've had the pleasure to begin regularly nannying for a family from my church, and there have been so many fun experiences thus far! Currently there are seven children in the family and as the top three children are older and self-sufficient, I mostly work with the younger four.
Robert (age 2, whom I refer to as "Michael Darling") is my new little buddy and we do have a grand time together; he's a marvelous grocery shopping buddy and has a great love for my humming car (because it really is the car that loves to have fun); HEB and Trader Joe's are our current hangout places. (I just. love. Trader Joe's.) Be expecting photos of "my" new seven children soon. It's all a change of pace considering the schedule I've been keeping the past three months but I generally consider change to be a beautiful thing; at the very least, it's wonderful for the creative mind to have a new schedule every now and again.

But first, I must sort through all of the wedding leftovers; runaway receipts and lists must be tracked, wedding flower urns to be returned, and emails to be sent. After that, I'm very much looking forward to filling up the weeks with nannying, sewing, knitting, running (my new found exercise love), and-hopefully-more estate sale finds (I'm always on the hunt for linens, eclectic plates, and glass jars!).  November begins my very favorite time of year (in case it's slipped your notice), there are so many things I love about the chilly months not only because they're chilly but because of the things that November/December/January bring. Birthdays, hot apple cider, and dinner outside under white twinkly lights are just a few of the things that make this time of year special to me.

What about you? How does your November look?

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