Monday, 12 November 2012

good ol' philly

And they're off! My parent's are happily enjoying Philadelphia...without us girls. The benefits of some of my Dad's business trips is that my Mom is able to go with him, tagging along for dinner and enjoying the sights and sounds of wherever he is; this time it is Philadelphia but in the past they've been able to enjoy the English countryside, Pittsburgh, and the fabulous California. We do our best not to be jealous. While they're gone, my sisters and I have been able to take a wee visit to my sister and her family as well as enjoying a marvelous Pajama Day today (well timed, considering our schedule of late). For those who don't know, Pajama Day was founded by our dear friend from Dubai, Jackie Neal. It comes quite randomly throughout the year but usually after a busy few weeks/months; the participants are required to wear pajamas or some sort of comfortable loungewear, and Chick Food is involved (smoothies, salads, raw food of all kinds, think clean and light). A series of films is typically watched (while knitting and/or ironing), ranging from tv shows to epic dramas; meals are eaten at odd hours and music is played quite loudly (normal for us around here). For this Pajama Day we'll enjoy any combination of The Last of the Mohican's, Phantom of the Opera, Le Hérisson, Dial M for Murder, and/or The Devil Wears Prada. Now you know what Pajama Day is, so go ahead, enjoy one sometime!
As far as dinner goes, we're planning on a pumpkin smoothie, veggie scramble, and hot tea. Yep, we're girls.
And lest you think loungewear is the only attire for this week, know that a teux deux list is made! I'm planning to get lots of sewing and knitting done and perhaps some organizing to my ever disarrayed craft closet!

The very fallish breeze and cheerfully chilly temperatures certainly brought a refreshing change to the recent balmy conditions around here! Totally inspired me to wash and clean out my car and we'll probably be eating dinner outside, under the twinkly lights (listening to this playlist would add to the ambiance, I think). Today the windows have been flung open and we're doing our best to spend as much time outside as possible~
I just love this time of year.

The above photo, shows them enjoying Leeds, England last Spring; the trip coincided with their anniversary, so all parties were quite pleased. Tea was enjoyed by all and the happy couple even brought back some lovely souvenirs.  

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Anonymous said...

Very nice Elena, thank you for posting this. I forgot that Dad did not have his beard last year, how time flies. We still manage to miss you girls. I love you very much.


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