Monday, 9 April 2012

of english pillowcovers and avocados

Well, hullo everyone!
The past few weeks have been filled with watching children, a wee case of bronchitis, driving around downtown Austin (love doing that), estate sales, eating a Democrat at Torchy's Tacos (great place to congregate!), meeting new and wonderful people, and spending late nights talking. :)
How about you?

Today I posted the above throw pillow, yes friends, my very own curtsy to the plethora of hits I received after this Union Jack post, who knew those simple words would cause that much traffic?? So, I figured that creating a shop item with an English theme would be the best way to acknowledge those 45+ hits a day.
I really enjoyed creating my own version of St. George's Cross, in fact, this could be the beginning of a beautiful, flag-reproducing relationship...

What flag do you think should be next?

In other news, the avocado seed is growing marvelously! What was once a homegrown, California avocado is now a budding plant, contentedly shooting out of a depression glass on our kitchen windowsill.
Now to research what to do next!

Have a beautiful week.

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