Monday, 16 April 2012

april in pictures

This, ladies and gents, is one of my favorite things about Springtime in Texas; usually after a good rain, the hillcountry will be covered with bluebonnets. Somehow it makes long commutes or trips downtown worthwhile...

And here are my cousins.
Yes, the one's I've made a habit of staying with whenever they have a new baby (Danny Boy didn't come with us on this bluebonnet outing so unfortunately you'll have to wait for a later time to see a photo of him--so sorry). 
From left to right: Rebecca/Becky/Becca (18 mo), Abby/Absters/Abby Lou-Who (4 yrs). Noah--the one with the claw--(6 yrs). Jacob (10 yrs), and Joshua/Sergeant York/Goob (3 yrs).
They're such a fun, wonderful bunch. : )

One of the days I was there, the two olders went on a camping trip and I zipped these three ragmuffins to one of our very favorite grocery stores for early morning cinnamon rolls (at the time they gave you a free one if you came in your jammies). They behaved wonderfully and we all enjoyed the outing (what made it especially nice was when this song was playing when we entered the store, yes, it was my kind of shopping song).

In addition to reading lots of books aloud, coloring, and telling stories, my cousins spend lots of time in the great outdoors;
Joshua particularly enjoys becoming Sergeant York as long as possible (with the tupperware bowl on his head and rifle in hand, he does remind me of Gary Cooper...)

...Becky and I just watched from the garage...

I also wanted to introduce you to my new wee friend, Seth.
He's seven, loves to swing, play hide-and-seek around the playset, is now a part of this wonderful family, 
and has a thing for ice cream.
On Wednesday's and Friday's we hang out together; from a bit before lunch to just before dinner, we swing, roll plastic balls back and forth, and generally do as much as we can together before I have to go home.
I'll be sharing more about him in weeks to come but in the meantime, here's the visual. : )

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