Tuesday, 1 November 2011

{news}letters of importance

Creative Reader:
Well, welcome back, Elena! We missed you.

Yours Truly:
Thanks so much, I had a marvelous vacation/roadtrip/conference experience; and, as always, it's wonderful to be home.

Creative Reader:
Tell us about your trip? We'd especially like to know about how it went selling at that consignment shop in Wilmington.

Yours Truly:
I'd love to share with you about that, and as a matter of fact, I have a blog post already written about it, but first I need to ask you a question.

Creative Reader:

Yours Truly:
Well, as a part of my 12 By 2012 list (which has been updated, btw), I'm starting the first L&B newsletter for our caring customers!
This newsletter will go out once a month and will include 
(but is not limited to) 
free shipping coupon codes, giveaways, DIY projects, updates on new items in our shop, as well as creative tips and tidbits. 
I'm so excited to be starting it and I want you to be the first to sign up for it! 
The first newsletter will be sent out on 
January 6th!!

Creative Reader:
Wow, Elena, that sounds so great, how do I get added to the list?

Yours Truly:
Just send me an email (lemonsandblueberries{at}yahoo{dot}com)
with your email address and you'll get your first newsletter on January 6th!
You will only receive one email from us (clogged email inbox's are detestable to us as well) and it will never be shared or sold--even if someone offered me a pair of English riding boots in exchange for your information, I'd tell them, "Sorry Charlie".
Now that, is what I call security.

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