Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Spring: Cleaning and Arranging

I've started my re-upholstery project at last!

It is a simple, swivel chair that had hundreds of staples; now I'm working on pinning and cutting fabric, very exciting (!!). Although I must say that I am now eyeing other chairs in our house, it was pretty fun to pull out all of those staples :)

And, in case you were wondering, my lace cardigan is coming along! Although I am finding that this is a project that I cannot multi-task with unfortunately. But I can listen to things while knitting it! Only please do not talk to me, the answer may come back in pattern form.
Well, I was looking across some older projects and I thought of a great company that sells very cute yarns and patterns:
There is an especially cute sweater/hat set called Baby Bartlett--check it out. It's so very adorable.

Speaking of adorable, this Bubble dress from Amanda Soule, would look just yummy on my niece Mia, she has the little squishy arms to pull it off :)


in company with sparkles said...

Oh oh! I definitely want to be updated on this project! How have you learned about reupholstering? That is one of the skills I would love to have!

Elena said...

It's been so fun! Well, my Mom has done basic reupholstery around our house and this is a pretty simple chair--perfect for me :) I've procrastinating a bit though because I have several little projects that I've started (Oops).
All I have left for the chair is to cut out the pieces, sew them together and attach to the chair!


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