Friday, 5 November 2010

{on the needles}

This is reason #562 of "Why I Love Ravelry"
(Beside the entire issue of free patterns)

A few years ago I misplaced a fabulous Spud and Chloe pattern (oh yes, I was super sad), but I've re-learned the Honeycomb stitch, so perhaps I can re-create it on my own since I can't justify re-buying the expensive pattern for something that I could probably knit without it.
It is my current "take with me everywhere I go because you never know when you will have a chance to knit" project.

Like a few rows at the park on a crisp-Houston-November day,
before going to adventure in the woods that is :)


So, what are on your needles--or sewing machine, crochet hook, or loom?


Anonymous said...

It is always an inspiration and joy to read about your latest knitting projects! It's boring... but I'm knitting washcloth sets as Christmas presents to ladies that are a blessing to me in my life... They're in colours that match their kitchens!


Anna said...

I have about 5 alternating, fixing, and sewing projects sitting next my machine. And then a whole closet full of scrap fabric I need to go through. :)

Alyssa said...

I am knitting a shawl... and thinking about sewing up some quilt blocks to make into runners. :)


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