Wednesday, 18 November 2009

A Homemade Christmas Week One: frames

I really enjoy making gifts for people and trying out new project ideas; it's also wonderful to receive homemade gifts. There is just something that makes the gift more special when you know someone took the time on it for you.
You can add your own style to the gift and you can make it more personal and sentimental when you are making something.
As you know homemade gifts come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.
This is a fairly common gift idea, and the wonderful part is that the possibilities are endless.
I first saw it in a bathroom of a friend. She had a lovely frame with craft paper, pressed pansies, and a scripture verse in calligraphy.
I started by keeping a watch out for interesting, (inexpensive) unique frames. For some reason I have developed a liking for picture frames, mostly because of the endless decorative purposes.
When I am giving one away, I try to pick one that fits the style and personality of the person I am giving it too.
Then I chose different craft paper, using the glass from the frame to measure size; I also used different types of craft scissors to cut out the paper.
After everything was arranged the way I wanted it, I wrote out the scripture verse and decorated it a bit.
Depending on the style of your frame, you could center everything or (if you're like me) you could angle different pieces and put your own flair to it!
I've learned it's best to wait until the end to paste everything together, so after I finished the verse I did the final arrangements et voila!
Like I said, the possibilities are endless.
Next time I want to print a picture or use one from a magazine and frame around it.
You could include some pressed flowers or leaves; a train ticket or business card. This could even be a cute way to frame a baby's foot prints.
Don't forget, it's not too late to be apart ofA Homemade Christmas over at Simply Vintage Girl.
It is a wonderful way to share new ideas and see what other people are doing to prepare for Christmas; I hope you will join in the encouragment and learning.


Rachel Grace said...

What a great idea Elena! The frame doesn't seem to hard to make... I will have to try making one for a friend or something!
Thank you for saring,
Rachel Grace

Tarissa said...

Hello Elena,
What a beautiful frame that you put together! I really how it turned out.

I'm interested in your blog, and I'll be checking back soon.

Happy Thanksgiving!
~ Tarissa


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