Wednesday, 16 January 2013

of learning and beekeeping

So, due to some fairly recent changes in my life (explanation to come), I've started seriously researching beekeeping and learning more about honeybees in general. This wee, industrial insect has proven to be so fascinating! My journey with bees has only just begun and I'm very excited; books have been borrowed and I'm beginning the hunt for more bee knowledge. :) For those of you at the brink of bee insight, here's a neat, artsy video to get you started. Enjoy!

from Rob Cleary on Vimeo.


Anna said...

Well I'm glad you're enjoying it. I must confess that bees are one of the few insects that I'm really scared of. I will go to incredible lengths to stay away from them. So I let other people keep them and then they can give me the honey. : )

Elena said...

Oh, dear, Anna! Not everyone is cut out for beekeeping; if I ever get bees, I'll let you know or will at least send you some honey. :)


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