Thursday, 8 March 2012

what do you think?

Here lay the remains of what was once a favorite tea cup. How and by whom it was broken is irrelevant to this post, yet the question still remains, what to do with these remains? I didn't have the heart to simply throw them away, convinced that something more can be done, any thoughts?
I have seen rings made out of bits of porcelain but I'm wondering what else I could do...
In other news, I am pleased to be preparing a post on my recent experience in the oh, hello friend shop swap---post and pictures coming soon!


Lauren Ashley said...

On Pinterest I have seen where chipped china was used to make a bird feeder. Perhaps it could be used for that?

The Pedersen Family said...

Dear Elena,
You might be able to glue the pieces back together (it's not shattered in a million pieces). You still wouldn't be able to drink out of it but at least it could be used for decoration.


Cait Kady said...

Oh, I've often wanted an idea for shattered favorites! Let me know of anything you think of :)
love, Cait


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