Friday, 28 August 2009


Welcome to my blog!
My name is Elena Marques and I am a recent Etsy member and am in the planning process of setting up shop there.
Currently, I am planning to sell greeting cards, knitted items, and vintage items.
Since this is a fairly new thing for me, I thought what better thing to do than blog about my online Etsy endeavours! I hope that this blog will be an encouragement to other young women who are committed to being industrious, visionary, and joyful!
As a devoted member of The Pickwick Portfolio I am very familiar with the blogging concept; but as to the Etsy part I am not so familiar with.
Which is why I am very excited to be doing both at this site.
I will also be posting tips, recipes, shop announcements, and hopefully much more as time goes by :)
Thank you again for visiting and I hope that you will continue reading.

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