Tuesday, 19 March 2013

coming soon// changes!

Yes, indeed, there has been much afoot in my family these last few months (hence the looong lapse of time between posts)!
God has been so good to give me trials and times of intense spiritual growth lately. I'm learning so much about resting in the knowledge of His ever-sufficient grace and mercy in my life, that He will uphold me with His right hand, and that cappuccinos in beautiful tea cups are a great partner to studying the Word.
Explanations to come soon, but until then know that the changes include

// invaluable lessons of a spiritual and soul-stirring nature,
// a new blog (in this design?),
// new wedding-planning website (SO excited about this), and
// selling handmade goods at a local antique shop.

In the meantime, feel free to keep up with my daily adventures on instagram! Recently I upgraded from a non-smart, Barbie phone and have joined the rest of humanity with a smart phone. Generally, I avoid technical stuff but this phone has been a pretty fun toy thus far. Ah, I also present to you the updated currently playing list, enjoy!

// the above photo accurately presents the ever-playful side of Hope and Joy from Dubai; the N family is Stateside for the next couple of months so we've had the immense pleasure of having them rickashay down our halls and take silly photographs. Life is so beautiful :)

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