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Inspiring People {Hannah Mendenhall}

For this installment of "Inspiring People", I'm very pleased to introduce to you,
Hannah Mendenhall 
Perhaps you remember the "Inspiring People" post about her sister, Sarah Mendenall (Hannah was the one who captured the photo!). Hannah has much to keep her busy in her home; as a marvelous example of being an industrious and productive young woman in her family, Hannah keeps a yummy raw food blog {Immer Wachsen}, does freelance design work {Little Light Creative}, as well as managing a cute shop on Etsy {Little Light Creative: the shop}; all of this in addition to the ways she contributes to her family! 
Side note: This Curmudgeons Illustration, "hope" print, and this Mark 9:24 print are some of my favorite items in her Etsy shop (check them out, they're pretty adorable).

Hannah has graciously agreed to  share with us a bit about herself, her work, and inspiration.
All of the photos in this post come from Hannah herself (with links to the yummy recipes below each photo!), enjoy.

Tell us about yourself (who you are/values etc...)!

What a question. I am a follower of Christ in whom I find all hope. Christ crucified is everything. I want to give Him glory in what I do, so I hope that my work as a designer and photographer reflect that. 

I am 23 and live at home with my family where endless creative projects keep me busy. However, I would ultimately like to spend more time outdoors. I have a wild dream of living outdoors for a year! From the intricacy of pixels to the grandeur of creation, I love both! 

Can you tell us a bit about how you first got started?
A longgg time ago I took a photography class at my public high school. We used manual cameras, black and white film, and a dark room. To this day, I feel so blessed to have had the experience. From there, I was asked to work on the yearbook staff, where I first met Mac and Adobe. The rest is history :)

What is your favorite thing about what you do?
For food styling, I do love sharing my "strange" eating habits with others. I initially wanted to create a site that Christians would feel comfortable learning about a raw and whole foods lifestyle. 

For graphic design, there is a constant need. It's a great feeling to know something you designed is being used and seen by others!

What inspires you?
God's Creation and His Word. 

What bits of wisdom have you most appreciated in regards to your work?

The Proverbs 31 woman and the book Do Hard Things by Brett and Alex Harris. 

How do you promote your work?
The best success I've had with freelance work is by word of mouth. Although I tweet and facebook, face to face communication results in more jobs. 

As for food styling, it's all online. I'm a featured chef on and I post my recent recipes just about everywhere that is applicable. 

Can you share with us a bit of the goals/plans that you have for your business?
For graphic design, I want to do far more freelance work. It would be awesome to do freelance almost full time.

For food styling, I hope to increase my blog traffic and raise money through sponsorships in order to support different ministries. I cannot bear the thought of just doing work for recognition and money. I have a job to do and my King has given me the gifts and talents to accomplish it! A recipe book could possibly be on my dream to-do list as well. I wouldn't mind styling for raw chefs either. 

What advice would you give to those who are aspiring to have creative businesses of their own?
Do NOT give up. Be patient and get used to hard work. 

Thank you very much for sharing with us, Hannah! 

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